T5 Fat Burner Capsules

The original award winning T5 fat burners boasts a fast acting and focused formulation for highly effective fat burning results and a host of additional benefits. The T5 fat burner capsules are the primary product for enhanced energy and metabolism for oral delivery via capsule.

With several years of experience and a firm focus on consistently formulating, distributing and selling premium quality fat burner nutraceuticals – we wholly satisfy the requirement for a fast acting, reliable and capable formulation within our original T5 fat burner capsule. When it comes to fat burning capsules, there simply is no better alternative!

Biogen’s T5 fat burner capsules have clinically proven fat burning capabilities that enhance your body’s natural abilities to burn fat and other lipids, healthier and faster. Each T5 capsule ingested will stimulate and accelerate metabolic rate, the breakdown of fatty acids – which will produce heat (thermogenesis) and a natural yet powerful energy boost, all primary components and indicators that the body is burning ‘stored fat’ and other lipids itself naturally without the use of any dangerous toxins or chemicals.

With T5 Thermogenic Fat Burners it helps the body to work harder itself and obtain a stabilised and optimal metabolic rate as part of your healthy diet and exercise program.


In general capsules are often said to be only 10% absorbed, while depositing roughly 90% of the capsules ingredients within your waste system. Our thermogenic fat burner capsules contain no ineffective buffers, binders or fillers that affect the bio-availability (the absorption rate and effectiveness of the active fat burning ingredients). With our T5 fat burner capsules you will experience MAXIMUM bio-availability!

Each T5 capsule contains only the highest grade pharmaceutical quality ingredients, which have been carefully analysed and selected for their fat burning properties – this enables Biogen Health Science to guarantee consistent quality is achieved by analyzing all T5 capsule ingredients for potency and purity before releasing them into production. T5 Fat burner Capsules are quite simply the most potent and scientifically backed fat loss product and has fully satisfied the requirement for a long lasting, fast acting, reliable and capable formulation – period!

T5 Fat Burners

Studies have shown that after extended a small percentage of people gradually build a tolerance to T5 fat burner capsules, over a period of 2 weeks. People in such cases are recommended to increase the level of dosage to two (2) T5 capsules per day if desired, or try in conjunction and/or alternate with other T5 fat burning nutraceuticals from our fat burning range.

Contains more thermogenic ingredients than the quantity clinically proven to help produce:

• Increased fat cell lipolysis
• Supercharged metabolism
• Significant fat loss
• Enhanced energy levels
• Greater concentration
• Thermogenic enhancement

Biogen Health Science has a comprehensive range of T5 fat burning nutraceuticals – Individually or together all T5 products produce the most intense, significantly enhanced fat burning properties available.

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