T5 Fat Burner Patch

The T5 fat burner patch is a cutting edge fat burning revolution for the ultimate kick start to your fat burning targets! Each T5 fat burner patch has been designed to increase fat cell lipolysis using transdermal and nano-magnet technology which is designed to give 12 hours of ultimate focused fat burning detoxification.

Biogens T5 Fat Burner Patch is a revolutionary fat burning product employing new nano-magnet and transdermal technology. A two tiered fat burning attack means the magnetic waves emitted from the T5 fat burner patch produces a similar effect to acupuncture treatment – speeding up the conduction of electromagnetic signals within the body. These electromagnetic increase the flow of endorphins which are naturally produced by the pituitary gland during exercise.

These endorphins increase bloody flow and oxygen which in turn will increase cellular respiration. This is the metabolic reaction and processes that take place in the cells that will convert this magnetic energy into adenosine triphosphate – while increasing caloric expenditure (calories burnt).

The ultra transdermal technology enables the T5 compounds to be delivered in a reliable and safe way, directly into the blood stream without bypassing the digestive system. This same ultra transdermal technology is used within nicotine patches, where many studies have shown that the rates of effectiveness by the delivery of a transdermal patch is elevated – allowing for each patch to be as powerful from the moment you apply the fat burning patch, to the moment you remove it.


Literally no other T5 fat burning patch exists that delivers 12 hour of super strength fat burning support, throughout the day and also suitable for use throughout the night, as the patch doesn’t contain any caffeine enabling you to give your fat burning course the ultimate boost even while you sleep.

Each T5 fat burner patch has controlled gradual release of the active compounds for a consistent host of fat burning benefits, while being the most effective non-invasive fat burning product available today.

Many scientific studies have conclusively shown that magnetic technology has a positive effect on the body’s natural detoxification process. In testing, nano-magnetic technology has been recognized to have immediate and positive changes to the blood chemistry when nano-magnetic technology is applied to the navel, including energizing the liver. Which will instantly enabled the separation of cells for efficient and immediate detoxification. This increase by the nano-magnetic technology removes oxidatives that your body would normally require a week of normal liver function.

For those seeking 12 hour super strength fat burning properties through a transdermal patch with additional Detox benefits – T5 fat burner patches are for you!

• Enhancement of the endocrine system
• Increased fat cell lipolysis
• Supercharged metabolic rate
• Helps eliminate accumulated body toxicity
• Enhancement of energy levels
• Controls appetite
• 100% safe and no negative side effects

Warning: People with sensitive skin or who are prone to skin rashes or eczema may find that a different T5 fat burning product from our range may be more suitable for them. Biogen Health Science has a comprehensive range of T5 fat burning nutraceuticals – Individually or together all T5 products produce the most intense, significantly enhanced fat burning properties available.

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