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We appreciate the strenuous process and physical changes required to burn fat healthily and too often people undertake weeks, months and years of dieting and exercise with notable body changes and results being extremely gradual or non existent. It shouldn’t come as a surprise people start looking for the fat burning aids such as T5 fat burners.

Everywhere you look on the internet there are thousands of websites promoting the ‘latest fat burning sensation’ and consumers all over the world combined, are spending 40 billion pounds on these often ineffective fat burning products – driven by the desire of instant gratification and instant results. Unfortunately fat burning products such as these are frequently made up of low quality ingredients or low doses only to make the label claim and often filled with ineffective and sometimes harmful fillers.

Biogen Health Science firmly believes fat burners shouldn’t be complicated nor overly expensive and have a strong focus on developing focused and fast acting fat burning nutraceuticals. All of the products within our T5 fat burners range contain the highest grade pharmaceutical quality ingredients available – we only ever source our ingredients from the most reliable pharmaceutical distributors. By sourcing and selecting only 100% safe and effective ingredients, this prevents us from producing any but premium fat burning nutraceuticals, with absolutely no compromises – ever!

We have invested heavily in independent research to pursue and develop a focused and fast acting formula; we fully believe that we have succeeded in that goal and are able to consistently provide  the most powerful and potent fat burners on the market today – allowing our customers to achieve ultimate fat burning capabilities they never thought was possible.

This is achieved by targeting and stimulating the hypothalamus to increase the production of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine. Both  belong to the same neurotransmitter group, where they have multiple roles – the main being to increase blood pressure and heart rate, which then triggers the release of glucose and fatty acids from energy stores while increasing fat cell lipolysis. This process is hugely beneficial for promoting and speeding up the metabolization of fatty acids and other lipids. The faster your metabolic rate, the faster your body is able to break up and convert consumed calories into energy instead of storing it as fat – allowing optimum energy levels to be achieved by the very breakdown of this ‘stored fuel’.

This process will directly impact chemical reactions within the fat cells which will generate heat (Thermogenesis) giving the same effect as exercise-induced thermogenesis by burning additional fat cells to warm up the muscles – which is highly beneficial for promoting fat burning. In addition to promoting healthy fat burning capabilities, T5 fat burners also increase the body’s natural production of metabolic hormones T4 (Thyroxine) and T3 (Tri-iodothyronnie), both are produced by the thyroid gland and are primarily responsible for the regulation of metabolic rate and increase levels of focus and mental alertness.

This premium fat burning formula has been measured in precise precision potencies to prevent common side effects that may be experienced when taking any product that stimulates the production of metabolic hormones, over stimulation may result in anxiety and/or excitability.

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Biogen Health Science offer a concrete guarantee to provide you with complete peace of mind that when you purchase any of our fat burning nutraceuticals, you are purchasing a product that has undergone a rigorous evaluation and has been clinically proven effective for the specific use of fat burning by the delivery of an intense fat loss catalyst.


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