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Biogen Health Science Biogen Health Science has a long history of scientific research within the area of nutraceuticals, where we have focused fully on the development of ground breaking fat burning formulas. We have since become one of the world’s leading independent distributors of fat burning nutraceuticals.

We invest heavily in independent research to pursue and develop a focused and fast acting formula; our Research and Development department are responsible for advances in our thermogenic fat burning products. First-class results are achieved by employing an elite team of dynamic practitioners with more than 20 years of experience and innovation within the areas of nutrition, nutraceuticals, pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, all using their specialist skills and expertise to enable Biogen Health Science to produce some of the most advanced and effective fat burning nutraceuticals on the market today.

We are unique in our approach to sourcing and selecting the highest grade pharmaceutical quality ingredients so that we can consistently formulate, distribute and sell premium quality fat burning nutraceuticals, in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our manufacturing department is within the UK and is FDA and MHRA approved for your highest level of safety.

T5 Fat Burning InnovationWe recognise that, however great our achievements are to date, the quest for improvement is never ending. Our mission is to become the global leader in the research and development of new formulas to bring our customers the highest premium quality fat burning nutraceuticals, offering distinctive and innovative solutions for enhanced fat burning.

Our team collectively and continually carry out extensive evaluations on all of our fat burning nutraceuticals, which scrutinizes every component of our fat burning formula – from the trials of side effects to the potency and the purity, so we can continuously bring our customers the highest quality fat burning nutraceuticals. Quality is our never ending quest and we will continuously strive for improvements and to push the boundaries of fat burning nutraceuticals.

We believe customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of success - making it our aim to deliver a consistently high standard of customer care and satisfaction for all new and existing customers. By combining our superior fat burning products with courteous and efficient customer service we hope that all the needs and expectations of our customers are met. We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied, and always ensure that all needs and expectations are met through innovative and reliable products with the ultimate goal of providing complete customer satisfaction.
Fat Burning Guarantee
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Weight Loss ProductsBiogen Health Science offer a concrete guarantee to provide you with complete peace of mind that when you purchase any of our fat burning nutraceuticals, you are purchasing a product that has undergone a rigorous evaluation and has been clinically proven effective for the specific use of fat loss by the delivery of an intense fat loss catalyst.

This advanced fat burning nutraceutical will enable you to achieve thermogenic fat loss, enhanced metabolism and also improve energy levels. The active ingredients and isolated compounds within have been successfully extracted and specially formulated to interact with one another to produce a synergistic effect. This provides a focused increase in lipolysis (the break down in fat) and thermogenesis (calorie burning), whist also providing a host of other fat burning benefits. 

The best news is, for such premium fat burning nutraceutical products people expect to pay premium prices, nevertheless we are experienced in sourcing the finest quality ingredients and having built up many business relationships over many years, we are able to negotiate the best possible price enabling us to maintain low manufacturing costs and pass the savings on to you. Furthermore we provide free delivery options on all UK and international orders with no unexpected additional charges such as VAT - only the option to upgrade to first class or recorded delivery.  

We value our hard earned reputation for quality, high standards and innovation within the area of fat burning nutraceuticals and we plan to build on our successes to ensure we are continually pushing the boundaries of what people perceive a fat loss product is capable of. We do this because it is our mission is to bring our customers the highest quality fat burners at an affordable price, with a strong focus on quality, reliability and safety.
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