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T5 Fat Burners T5 Patch

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T5 Fat Burners T5 Patch

Strong 24 hour fat burning support from Biogen Health Science. Recommended for use in conjunction with T5 Fat Burners or T5 Serum XT. Kick start an even more aggressive fat burning course!
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Product Descrlption

Biogen’s T5 Fat Burner weight loss patches contain proven fat burning and detoxification ingredients. By utilizing nano-magnetic and transdermal technology these ingredients bypass the digestive system and are delivered through the skin for a direct undiluted fat burning and detox effect.

Full Details

Strong 24 hour fat burning support from Biogen Health Science. Recommended for use in conjunction with T5 Fat Burners or T5 Serum XT. Kick start an even more aggressive fat burning course!


Please follow individual product directions carefully. Products may be stacked together and used alongside one another for a highly intense fat burning course. Alternatively, some users may choose to use the products one after another for a longer duration course. Either method is fine, and we encourage users to experiment to achieve the optimum fat burning results for them personally.

The nano-magnetic technology removes oxidatives that your body would take a week of normal liver function to remove - research proves those who have high levels of toxins have difficulty losing weight. Expect to see a host of consistent fat burning benefits being supported; including elevated fat loss, enhancement of the endocrine system and heightened metabolic rates. 



Please follow T5 fat burner patch directions carefully.

How to apply the T5 Fat Burner patch?

   1. Clean the skin around the naval area, do not use moisturizing soap or lotion before applying.
   2. Open the package and remove the backing of the fat burner patch.
   3. Place the fat burner patch on a clean and dry naval.
   4. Press the fat burner patch firmly on your skin for at least 10 seconds, ensuring it sticks well
       especially around the edges.
   5. Wear the fat burner patch for a total of 12 hours.
   6. Remove the fat burner patch (used patches should be folded in half and safely thrown away).

When to apply T5 Fat Burner patch?

Most recommended: Containing no caffeine - only proven fat burning and detox ingredients, the T5 Fat Burner patch is ideal for use throughout the night when you are at your least active. Each patch when worn for 12 hours will enable you to give your fat burning course the ultimate boost - even while you sleep.

Ideal for: Use alongside any of Biogen’s fat burner range for significantly enhanced and extended 24 hour fat burning capabilities - throughout the day and night. The T5 Fat Burner patch combined with any Biogen fat burning product is all you need to burn more excess fat, maintain energy and encourage detox.

Most effective when: One patch is applied before your workout to increase cellular respiration. The T5 Fat Burner patch when used in this way will encourage metabolic reactions and processes that convert energy within cells for increased calorie expenditure. Highly beneficial and ideal for those needing an extra boost to sustain optimum energy levels to fuel exercise.

Tip: In order to get the best results, Biogen Health Science recommend to use the T5 Fat Burning patch for at least 28 days for optimal results.

How does T5 fat burner patch work?

Our bodies are overloaded with toxins from our immediate surroundings which our natural detoxification mechanisms cannot cleanse, so these toxins are then stored as fat. The body maintains this fat as a safe way to store toxins; this is why people who have high levels of toxins have difficulty losing weight.

Cellular detoxification is achieved by nano-magnet technology, which has shown conclusively a positive effect on the body’s natural detoxification process by energising the liver. This enables the separation of cells for efficient and almost immediate detoxification. This process promotes the depolymerisation of blood cells and non-ionic substances while significantly reducing oxidatives, enabling fat to simply melt away easier.  


• Not intended for persons under the age of 18.
• Keep new and used T5 patches out of reach of children.
• People with sensitive skin and/or are prone to skin rashes and/or eczema may find that a different T5 fat burning product may be more suitable.
• If you develop a skin rash from using the fat burner patch, stop using immediately.
• Using the patch while exercising may result in excess sweat weakening the adhesive.
• Manufactured in a MHRA, FDA and GMP approved laboratory for your highest safety.


Elaterin; Honeysuckle; Aloe; Fiveleaf; Gynostemma Herb; Semen Cassiae; Torae; Follum Nelumbinis; Ginseng; Barbary Wolfberry Extract;

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